Source One Associates

Source One Associates are an official sponsor of Socker Share, meaning that they increase the number of socks we donate by an additional 5 pairs per month.

Sports Agent, Sports Management, Talent Agent... Source One Associates are these things, but they do things slightly different!

They are completely focused on the careers of their clients and helping them to achieve their goals. They ensure that each client has the right support as and when they need it, sometimes before they even realise they need it. It is refreshingly different!

We spoke to Patrick Lewis, the director, and he said: "Socker Share is such a simple yet brilliant idea to help underprivileged countries play football. We are proud to be a sponsor of Socker Share and look forward to working with them to spread the message of the power of socks!"


Nade and Connor said: "Source One Associates have a clear passion for sports and people, this is why having them as our first ever sponsor is absolutely fantastic. They fully support our mission and will play a vital role in increasing the number of socks we send out to our charity partners, ultimately helping more children play without the risk of pain.

Website - www.sourceoneassociates.co.uk 

Social Media - @s1associates

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