We match every purchase with a donation of socks to an underprivileged child, so that they can wear football boots without damaging their feet.

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Finding the problem

In 2019, co-founder Nade took part in a football coaching volunteer project for United Through Sport in Saint Lucia. He noticed that in a lot of his sessions, the children were having to play football in bare feet, simply because they did not have any socks to wear with their boots. This highlighted a problem... charities receive boot donations, but never any socks!


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Solving the problem

When Nade returned home, he spoke to his cousin Connor, who was also shocked to find out that socks were creating such a big barrier as to why these children could not play sports safely. Together, they began brainstorming the most effective way to fix this and in October 2020... Socker Share was born!

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Our progress so far

Our first charity partners are United Through Sport. We began by supporting the children on their Saint Lucia and Mauritius programme, until recently adding South Africa to our stocklist, due to the success of our first 2 editions.

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